Solar Panels Cleaning and Maintenance Tips 

Having a solar panel is considerably a big investment. To have long-term benefits you need to constantly maintain your solar panels. 

Maintenance Tips

Below are the few tips in the cleaning and maintenance of Perth solar power. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Tips 

  • Solar panel system cleaning kits come in very handy when you clean the solar panels. Inside the kit are the wiper, biodegradable soap, and a small brush. Instruction is printed on the bottle. Mix the soap and the water in a bucket. Dip the small brush into the bucket and start to wipe the solar panel gently. Remove the dirt on the solar panels.  
  • Wiped off the dirt and residue that is stuck on the panels when they are wet or moist in order for you to wipe it off easily. 
  • Never use an abrasive soap and sponge in cleaning your solar panel, you may scratch the glass. Use biodegradable soap and soft rag to clean the solar panels. 
  • It is significant not to use harsh or pointed materials as they could damage the solar panels and they are costly to repair. 
  • When the solar panels are on the roof take proper precaution when cleaning because it becomes slippery and you may slide and fall on the ground. Much better if you use a safety rope or harness for support. 
  • Monitor if there is dirt because dirt-free solar panels can absorb light efficiently. 
  • The manufacturer will advise you how and when you will clean your solar panels. It might be weekly or monthly depending on the solar panel you have. 

Tips for Solar Panel Maintenance 

  • Keep the solar panels out of the shade. When you keep the solar panel in the area that the light of the sun is blocked the energy production becomes inefficient. It’s much better if you exposed them in the area that they can gather enough solar energy. 
  • Make sure that there is green light flashing in the inverters, you are losing money when they are not flashing. You are not being compensated for your electricity use. 
  • In improving solar panel maintenance, you must document its day-to-day performance. It is significant to jot down the energy produced at the same time every day and produce special notes of the dates where it is very gloomy. When the result is inconsistent you can call your solar panel installer to ask the manufacturer to provide you monitoring systems. 
  • Monitoring systems use to see the amount of energy you are emitting into the environment and the amount of carbon dioxide emitting in the atmosphere. Monitoring systems also help you to know how much you gain in the feed-in tariff scheme 
  • If you are so busy and relatively have no time to clean the solar panels. Sprinkler systems can be installed or much better you make appointment companies that render solar panel cleaning. 
  • Solar panels have no moving pieces, therefore they can’t be easily worn or affected by rust. Constant repair is not necessarily needed. But, you need to constantly clean and maintain your solar panels to become more efficient. 
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